about kim


This is #happykim

I love my family, friends & God.

I have passion for creating and smiling.

I have many titles: Christian, Daughter, Stepmom, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Sunday School Teacher, but I believe my favorite title is Grammy!

I live in a cottage in the middle of my family’s farm in rural, north central Arkansas with my unicorn.

I work full time at a local community college.

I co-host a podcast with my Friends Since 5 <—also the name of the podcast. Find us on all the usual podcast places. I prefer Spotify.

I am a professional photographer but have taken leave from my part-time business to pursue other interests.

I have a marketing undergrad degree and a masters in community and economic development.

Other things that make my happy are clean sheets, puppy breath, avocados, puffy clouds, springtime, fall sunsets, and sleeping late.

I dig Instagram, yoga, new art supplies, and can’t survive a day without my bullet journal.

Here is a link to my old Blogger blog. It’s always fun to revisit the old days. http://www.kimwhitten.blogspot.com/

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